New Music vs. Old Music

I´m sure you´ve probably thought to yourself or have asked a friend if they prefer new music or old music and why. And for every answer comes a different opinion and a different explaination. Although many people may disagree on which kind of music is better, one thing we can agree on is that music entertains, it educates, and it informs.

Music has been around for a long time, and throughout this time it has grown and developed into many different tones, ranges, instruments used, and styles of composition.

Old Music:

  • played using real instruments
  • composers needed to learn how the play the instruments before recording the songs
  • same popular genre

New Music:

  • able to record music using computer programs
  • composers don´t necissarily need to know how to play the instrument, they just need to know how to match tunes
  • different popular genres

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