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Research about Famous Painters – Arts Project

Frida Kahlo was a very remarkable character in the history of Mexico. She was a patriot, communist and revolutionary, she had a tragic life, but her willpower made her become a warrior and passed through everything that happened. Through her problems Frida discovered the painting and began to paint and paint and realized that she loved doing that, and in homage to herself she loved to paint herself. Unfortunately on July 13, 1954 Frida is found dead in the bed of her house, the cause of his death was pulmonary embolism. Although we have died to this day we see arts and we know who was this woman and important figure in history.

Bianca Oliveira, 84.



Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born into a middle-class family and began to draw as a child, characterized as someone serious, quiet and thoughtful. He worked as an art salesman when he was young and traveled frequently, but went into depression after being transferred to London. He returned to the religion and spent time in Belgium as a Protestant missionary. He faced health problems and loneliness until he started painting in 1881, moving to live with his parents. His early works portrayed still lifes and representation of peasants. Vincent Van Gogh moved to Paris in 1886 and met with Emile Bernard and Paul Ganguin, who were expressing themselves against Impressionist sensibility. He created a new approach to still-life and landscapes by producing his works with his paintings getting more vivid colors as he developed a style that settled down completely in 1888. Van Gogh created more than two thousand works in about a decade, producing around 860 oil paintings. His works related landscapes, still lifes, portraits and self-portrait, in vibrant and dramatic colors, with strong and expressive brushstrokes.

Mariana Batista, 84.



The Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, stood out in several areas of the plastic arts: painting, sculpture, graphic arts and ceramics. Picasso is considered one of the most important plastic artists of the twentieth century. Picasso’s childhood drawings represented scenes of bullfighting. His first work, preserved, was an oil on wood, painted at eight, is called The Bullfighter. Picasso kept this work all his life, taking him with him whenever he moved from home. Years later she painted another similar painting, The Death of the Outspoken and Futile Woman. Picasso is angry and rebellious. This picture is clearly an insulting expression of his relationship with the woman. His father’s main concern with little Pablo was his academic achievement, but he did not spare the opportunity to foster his son’s talent. Drawing was, from an early age, the most appropriate form of Picasso to express himself.

Débora Machado, 84.


Romero Britto was born on October 6, 1963 in Recife, Pernambuco, son of Rosemiro and Lourdes Britto. His nationality is Brazilian, but he is domiciled in the United States, married to Cheryl Ann Britto, has a son named Brendan Britto. Romero is a Brazilian painter, sculptor and serigraph. Considered one of the most prestigious artists, he has painted paintings for American celebrities. Also called Brazilian pop artist, as Romero’s works of art are influenced by the Cubist movement and Pop Art. His paintings and sculptures have vibrant nuclei and well-demarcated features.

Julia Soares, 84