What to talk about socks?

Until recently, these little beauties were just a detail not remarkable in a look, about a year began to become popular among young people as an important detail in a look, it was not long before they began to produce socks with the most varied patterns and colors , from simple stripes to pineapples and sharks.

The most interesting thing about this wave of socks is the variety of ways to put on a socks look, and they do not necessarily have to be matching with the shirt or tennis, just be striking and contextual.

So stop all you’re doing and buy a long sock, yesterday I even bought a rose with gray sharks.

All Star

Today I will talk about the classic All Star …

Who doesn´t love these, right? Few know that the All Star shoes were created in 1917, with a goal to become the newest and the best basketball shoes , but throughout  the years they started becoming more and more popular for all people around the world. In the 60’s, black and white looks combined different All Star models, such as classic black, white and red.

But nowadays, do people still use All Star?

Of course!

Put on some ripped jeans, grab a t-shirt and some brand new All Star shoes and you´ll be ready to have a great time with friends; however, if you are looking  for something more formal, put on some pants, a black or white skirt, grab a nice shirt and new All Star shoes and you´re ready to slay the day!