The Bible says in Mathew 6:25: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?” Why do people care more about what is transient than about what is eternal? Turma 111 CANH

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  1. People today are more concerned about greed than respect for others and are more concerned with likes on social networks but forget that in the final judgment the importance with the likes will be useless and do not care about what will really make them worthy of entering into the kingdom of God, we should not cling to transient things, for whatever is fleeting is superfluous, we must even care about God and our neighbor.

  2. People are more and more concerned with themselves and with material goods. This must change because it will not be important in the final judgment that will decide whether we enter the kingdom of God or not, we must set goals in our lives and get rid of distractions following the laws of God.

  3. Because at the moment we live, status is what defines a person, the media is the main cause of this, because it is she who imposes what everyone should use, it is she who defines the standards of beauty, fashion among others and so people care about what other people think of it.

  4. Because they care a lot about other people’s opinions, and she cares a lot about what we wear, we have, among other things superfluous. People’s greed makes them not care so much about what they really should.

  5. because today people’s priorities have changed, they only seek to conquer material goods, and with that they do not dedicate themselves to knowing the Bible and seeking God, conquering eternal life.

  6. The mentality of society always goes through great changes, some positive and some negative. The concern of the vast majority of people today is in things transient and self-directed, they forget that there are people around them, and in the above verse it is clear that we must always worry about the “eternal”, because this will bring us to the Kingdom of Heaven.

  7. One of the factors that contribute to today’s society is to be very concerned about things that are not as important as divine salvation, it is the collective conscience, people follow influences and forgetting what really matters that it is salvation, taking God out of the first place of their lives and putting forth fleeting things.

  8. Because the society establishes the material goods as a priority and therefore, people care about the here and now, they want to have and accumulate wealth throughout your lives and do everything for that. So, they end up forgetting the most important, which is seek God and follow His teachings to inherit eternal life.

  9. the people allow themselves to be judged by the others, and this makes them try to fit into a pattern, thus becoming a futile person, who cares only about the appearance, to look beautiful in the eyes of other people, than to the spirit and health

  10. nowadays people are more precarious with status, if there is a launch and someone buys, everyone wants to have, everyone wants to socialize and be equal to everyone.

  11. I believe that pride is the main reason. People who feel less secure seek to hide behind makeup, plastic surgeries and designer clothes. As these insecure people struggle with their own ego, big beauty and clothing companies, they lower their self-esteem more and more with their ads that say beauty is all that matters to be happy.

  12. Because we were encouraged to run after these transient things from an early age. Just as many people are also encouraged to follow God, but the charge between going after success and material goods and the charge of going after God are very different, society “forces” us to give more priority to material goods, to the profit obtained at the end and how much money we will give to the financial market. If we keep our faith in God he will provide all we need to live well in His ways.

  13. Nowadays we live in a world where everything we do is judged, the food we eat they have to be the best quality and the clothes we wear have to be the most fashionable and chic brand. We are all “obliged” to respect the standard of beauty that was imposed by men and if you are just a little out of that standard, you no longer deserve the respect of all. So people care more about things in the world, transient things rather than caring about eternal things for fear of being judged by the people around you: family, colleagues and friends who often say they love you The way you are but if you change just a little, she’ll turn her back on you.

  14. because for the people of today what matters is to look beautiful and look good in the photo for them, no matter the next even that is going through needs

  15. I think it’s because today our priorities are momentary, we care more about material things than what is really important is our spiritual, when we die we take nothing from here, we do not take clothes, jewelry or any material object ,in the plane of God, what matters is their religiocity and their values.

  16. Because nowadays many people have important in “transient things” always related to material goods, wanting to buy branded clothing, shoes and many things to appear in a certain desired social class. But these people do not think that after death everything lies behind. Happens to many peoples who have lots of moneys and forget the true meaning of life.

  17. For many times people do not end up knowing the truth and so they end up caring about what is now and the good things of this world, and thus losing what is more precious than eternity in paradise.

  18. Because they have a very great willingness to be accepted and wealth, power and material goods, people believe that with this will be accepted by society but the most important, who often stop worshiping the God or at least thank, because they think that this is only own merit because they worked hard to win. When we die, we will leave everything we have here on earth and let’s take only what matters to God the good things we’ve done here and our soul.

  19. Because what is more attractive, makes people satisfied, popular and give sense of well-being. People deceive with things that don’t matter and end up ignoring people, times and especially God.

  20. For most people have the illusion that we should be someone important to be accepted by society, thus living and buying things transient, with the intention of always pleasing and finding himself superior to others.

  21. People have changed their hands, giving priority to momentary joys and not giving due value to what is really important, people have changed their purpose and their ideas.

  22. because the things of the world that are not of God tends to make people detach the right things because it was not God who created, and many people end up letting themselves be carried away

  23. People nowadays care a lot about material goods and passengers things because they want status or to make a name or even by pure influence of society. But they forget that everything is temporary, they forget that the only eternal thing is the love of God and the heaven where we will live.

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