The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:24: “Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.” Comparing the Bible text with our world’s reality what is possible to conclude? TURMA 121 CANH

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  1. It is possible to say that people today do not follow what is written in bible, because they seek only their own benefit, often doing evil to others.

  2. The reality in which we live today is not consistent with the passage, because nowadays people are more concerned with their interests, their achievements and their happiness, forgetting that we always need to think about our neighbor and not just ourselves. But there are still people who keep these principles in their hearts, not just thinking about their own good.

  3. That we do not follow the word of God in this regard, for we think, most of the time, only in ourselves and how we will benefit, but not in the good of our neighbor. If a certain attitude benefits and harms another person, we will commit it, because selfishness dominates the human being.

  4. In most cases this does not happen, butsometimes, we see small foci of thisgoodness in the world, showing us thatmaybe this isn’t really a utopia

  5. That we live in a world where everything well done to the next is in search of recognition or something in return, which ends up adding nothing in our lives. We must practice the true good quoted in the biblical passage.

  6. That nowadays people are very distant from the biblical teachings. While these preach that we must think of the good of our neighbor, people are increasingly worrying about themselves and behaving selfishly. What is lacking in today’s world is compassion and humanity, but I have faith that future generations will honor the biblical teachings and the planet Earth shall be a place of much love and peace.

  7. Nowadays we only think of ourselves, love is cold to the next. We need to put this verse into practice, practice well for others, and love too. This is so good for those who practice, than those who are getting.

  8. Nowadays some people are too selfish to admit that even God is better than them, and thus they dont care if they hurt others to be happy. They tend to take advantage over every situation no matter the price they have to pay.

  9. That our world is going in many cases in opposition to the bible, because we are always seeking our own interests, not caring what will happen to others, this is well portrayed in the current policy, since rulers take money from the population, health, safety and education

  10. In an individualistic world, where people only want their own good and not their neighbor’s, hatred and coldness are increased. We should stop and reflect on the Bible’s teachings and look more closely to the situation of others and help them.

  11. comparing the two things, can be possible to see that we, as a society, are not doing what the bible quote said. because we are always been selfish and only looking for our own things and worrying about what is going to make us successful without looking for others. we don’t care about how our decisions will affect other people and that’s the opposite from what the Bible said.

  12. Our reality is very far from this biblical verse. People are getting colder and more selfish, not caring if what’s good for them can be hurting the other. If people read the Bible more, understand more about love of neighbor, we would surely be living in a better world.

  13. According to this verse, it’s possible to conclude that nowadays people are forgetting about it, we became really selfish and don’t worry anymore with the others. We should start being better with other people, always trying to do our best, caring about how people are and making them happier.

  14. It is possible to conclude that many people ignore this biblical advice, since they are increasingly looking for money and material goods forgetting that it is worth having love for others.

  15. in the world we are very selfish and we always want to profit from situations, but God teaches us that the good of others is very important. We must follow what God has instructed us to be happy.

  16. We conclude that we must love others. Regardless of anything, we must leave our selfishness, pride, superb aside and worry about who is around us, being friend or foe, we should care about everyone

  17. in today’s world, it is “normal” to think only of our needs and dreams. in such an individualistic reality, the advice of the Bible to look at our neighbor becomes even more necessary. it is not easy, but every day we should try to perfect ourselves to be closer to Christ and thus to have more of the holy characteristics of Christ.

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