31 comentários sobre “Should Brazilian soccer team win FIFA world cup this year even with country’s political situation? (Turma 112 CANH)

  1. In my opinion, the Brazilian soccer team should win because they’re playing very well.
    I guess that the country’s political situation it has nothing to do with Brazilian soccer team and FIFA World Cup. If the team wins or lose will not change the country’s situation.

    Map 1:

  2. Yes, I think they should, because it would make the majority of the brazilian people happy, and the political problems are not the people’s fault.

  3. In my opinion, the victory or defeat of Brazil in the world cup does not interfere with the Brazilian political scene, because we can struggle with both without the slightest problem, but we sin when we do not give importance to politics and we give much more to the sport, giving the impression so that sport interferes in political affairs.

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