36 comentários sobre “Should Brazilian soccer team win FIFA world cup this year even with country’s political situation? (Turma 111 CANH)

  1. In my opinion I think Brazil should win the cup and with that fact would give an incentive to the population, but I also find the money spent in relation to the world cup a bit unnecessary, since this money could be used in other more essential areas like the education.

  2. In my opinion, Brazil should not win the World Cup because bad politicians, for example, would use this moment of relaxation of the
    people to do actions that do not favor the same, such as raising taxes, or in more serious cases, create laws that harm the people,
    without at least perceive because of the attention focused on victory in the world championship. And also because of the media instead of
    giving focus to the Brazilian selection, gave to believe that it was the “selection of Neymar”. And in soccer, Brazil was among the 8 best
    in the world and everyone is sad. In education is the 85th and nobody complains …


  3. No, in my opinion Brazil is lost in politics, most politicians who drive our country, be they members, presidents, among others are very
    corrupt, they take advantage of all people, they’re greedy and they think superior to others. So our country doesn’t deserve to win the
    World Cup, there are many other countries that deserve that title, Where politicians really they care about the people of their country.


  4. In my opinion, the result of the game will be indifferent to the country’s current problem. But I
    think it would be interesting if Brazil won the World Cup, so the nation would have something to
    celebrate, since the situation in which the country finds it very complicated and without forecasts
    for finish.


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