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  1. Yes, I think God hears our prayers, I’ve made several prayers for several requests and it happened for this reason I believe in the prayers.

  2. Yes god hearas our prayers my grandmother has already requested that her brother would improve a disease and he has improved,he answers our prayers the way he wants

  3. Yes,because when i pray and ask somenthing in in the requests and thanks,everything haprens,by whom i van she look good,so i believe that God hears ouro prayers

  4. No. I don’t think so. Because I think that religions were made to comfort the people of some problem, and most of them for me, serves to the people wasn’t so afraid of death. And I think when someone asks for something in prayer, and have confidence that this will take place, I think the person has so much faith that what she asked becomes reality. I believe that when we have a high self-esteem, we can conquer.

  5. Yes, I think that God not only hears prayers, but also prayes has a power, because people who do not believe in prayers, in difficult times have no one to ask for help, and so they think that everything will be wrong. But who prays , this can give an improvement to that person. And several times I asked, I was answered.

  6. yes, God hears our prayers, because if He did not listen, there would be no way to accomplish all the things that I ask of Him. And I also know that He exists, because if He did not exist, why would I pray?

  7. Yes, God hears our prayers, because whenever I pray to God he gives me confidence, when I ask he answers me. My grandmother needed surgery but after I talked to him, she didn’t have to do more. I asked for protection and he protected me from an accident.

      1. I’m pretty sure that God exists, I’m pretty sure that God hears our prayers, because he answers and why did miracles in the past, which is written in the Bible, and these days he also does miracles.

  8. Yes, because many applications made by me to God were performed, sometimes they were not made directly, but were accomplished through events. So yes I believe.

  9. Yes, God hears our prayers. “When we turn to God, we can have this confidence: when we ask for something that is in accordance with God’s Plan, he listens to us. And if we know that he listens to us in everything we ask, we are sure that we ask him “(1 João 5: 14-15). God wants for you a story where the happy ending here on Earth is the beginning of eternal happiness in Heaven. Go to Him and do not silence His voice. He wants to hear what you have to say, start today the truest friendship you will have in this life. He wants to be your Father, best friend and counselor. In addition to sending to your heart the Comforter that will be with you every day. Go and pray that God is ready to listen, conveys peace, comfort and hope.

  10. Yes, I believe then, since my mother became very sick and the doctors did not know it was a pain and my father and I prayed a lot for her improvement and she improved, so I believe

  11. God listens, but realizes in his time and manner, not always directly, several times He answered me. He does not want to see us sad and displaced, but rather happy and in faith. We just need to pray with the heart, and finally we must thank Him for all He has done for us :).

  12. Yes, because once I prayed and asked god protection. The next day was going to school with my mother and a car overtaking a passing by there cars in a curve and almost hit us. God protected us that day.

  13. Yes, god hears our prayers. Because he is with us all in every day, yet many people turn away from the preeminence of God because of sin. Paste we pray and confess our sins that he forgives.

  14. In my opinion God always listens to our prayers, sometimes he just does not respond in the time we want, because our time is different from that of God and this for some people is as if he does not listen to us and does not call for jente but in He’s just asking for a little patience.

  15. Yes,Because When I lived in Teófilo Otoni,Minas Gerais,City that is 130 kilometers from Governador Valadares,this is the main city of the that region,was facing water shortage due to lack of rains,my school was praying for the rains to return,after our prayers,in two days the rain came back.

  16. Yes, I believe, God hear our prayers. Sometimes God does not answer our prayers the way we want, but He responds in the best way. Whenever I did a prayer for sadder or happier than I was with me, God heard and answered the best way.

  17. In my opinion yes, because many times I prayed, God answered me. Many people say no, but for me God hears my prayers. Responds to the right time, not our time. Thank you very much because in times of difficulties and joys He was always with me.

  18. In my opinion yes, because many times I prayed, God
    answered me. Many people say no, but for me God hears my prayers.
    responds to the right time, not our time. Thank you very much because in times of
    difficulties and joys He was always with me.

  19. Yes, I ask god to protect my family every dy. Yes,that is a great i have learned in my life is that everything has its time because? Because i am not patient but for god everythei has its time even to answer our prayers. And i believe that if i ask something to god he will respond and of course in his time he will respond…

  20. Yes, but we must have faith.
    Without this, we don´t have ou goals at hand. We must believe in God. God is great, God is everything!
    There was no God owr prayers, God performs! God is always with us, bistening to us.

  21. yes because when i prayed for my mother when she did the blindness of the neighbor she was healet and i trank crist so much that is why,and agoin too it was when my father was to make the larynx and that’s why i always say god is the doctor of the doctore and god always knows what it’s good for us

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