They’re your best friends, even if you don’t want it.

You know that friend you never had?

The one that would be by your side no matter what?

The one that doesn’t want nothing in return, just want to be there with you.

Sadly or not, most humans doesn’t know this kind of relationship, of course, most humans are not really humans, but i’m talking about regular people, your mom, your teacher, your neighbour or even your boss. Those people probaly never had an real friend or even know what it means. Except they have it.

If I ask you to name someone you know who has a dog, I bet that at least 5 names come in mind in a second. Your one name may be one of them. In Brazil, 44,3% of houses have at least one dog, so you know what i’m talking about.

You probaly also heard this sentece a thousand times: “the dog is man’s best friend” and you never even notice that it’s the pure true.

Dog’s are the most honest, happy and beautifulĀ beings ever created. They don’t walk away when you hurt them, they don’t complain when you don’t give the atention they need. Dog’s just wait you get home because it’s the most exciting part of their days. Dog’s are pretty satisfied if you give only 10 minutes of your afternoon to play with them.

Dog’s are the best.


4 thoughts on “They’re your best friends, even if you don’t want it.”

  1. we should learn with pets how to be so loyal because in the end maybe your pets are the ones there for you

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