Hi guys. Yesterday i watched a movie that made me think.
The movie is about a black girl, who under her mother pressure, used to strengthen her afro hair every day. So, because of what her mom used to say about her afro, when the woman got older she couldn’t accept herself. Only after a long and hard time, some crises and a self-acceptance period she decided to let her curls grow.
Even this history being a movie, that is something that really happen in real life. I know about lot of histories of girls and boys that took years or decades to accept themselves, sometimes for family pressure, but almost every time it is because of the society standard, that shows as the perfect one a beautiful woman with straight hair and skinny body.
It’s hard to me to talk about this topic, because I ain’t a specialist or an adult, I’m just a girl with a blog. I passed for a hard time with self-acceptance, but nothing like some histories I know.
If you have problems to accept yourself, and you want it, you should look for a phycologist, it is the best advice I could give to you.

PS: The movie’s name is Nappily Ever After.

Which type of curl do you have?

In order to facilitate your understanding of my next posts, my first publication will be about your kind of curl. I realize that, most of the people do not know a classification of curls exists, so i will post here a link for you to get to know which kind of hair you have.

Guys, don’t worry if you hair has 2 or more kinds of curl, it is normal!